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St. David’s was founded in 1952 with 111 members and a temporary location on Annapolis Road. The Reverend Lester W. Stoneback was officially installed as Pastor in June of that year. Groundbreaking at its current location at Academy Road and Holme Ave occurred in January, 1954. The church continued to grow and flourish, as did the surrounding neighborhoods. In 1966, the Educational Wing was built. The Church celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1977 by burning the mortgage for the Education Building. Pastor Stoneback also retired, having served for 25 years. He was replaced by the Reverend Arden L. Krych, who served until 1991, when he accepted a synodical appointment. His replacement was the Reverend Kevin V. Hilgendorf.

We are now a church in transition. Pastor Hilgendorf retired in November 2016. With a fond farewell and send off to Pastor Kevin, St. David’s has completed three of a four Phase Pastoral Transition Process and we are in the Call Process.  We have submitted our Mission Site Profile to the Synod and are in the process of interviewing candidates. At this time, we have Pastors who are substitutes to lead us in worship and perform Pastoral care duties. 

Featuring a congregation of 150 people, St. David’s has a service that is suited for everybody: A traditional Lutheran Book of Worship Service at 8:30am Sunday, the Adult Sunday School at 9:20 am and the Children’s School and the contemporary Rejoice Service at 10:30 am, which includes live band music.

For those unable to make it on Sundays, there is also an evening service at 7:30 pm on Wednesdays. 

From the beginning, Saint David’s congregation has been committed to contributing to our community. Some of the Agencies and Outreach that are supported by the congregation are: Aid for Friends, Lutheran Charities, Lutheran Disaster Response, Feast of Justice Ministries, Feast Incarnate, Lydia’s Closet, Navajo Mission, Rhawnhurst Turning Point, Philadelphia Silver Springs – Martin Luther School, Crop Walk, SEKUco and Interfaith Hospitality.

Saint David’s Lutheran Church Mission Statement

 As forgiven people of God, we, the family of St. David’s, believe in Jesus Christ. Through Word and Sacrament, we are called to grow in unconditional love, which is God’s grace. In gratitude, through the Holy Spirit, we will worship, teach, witness, serve and advocate for justice in our community. Together, we will support this mission through prayer and the generous sharing of our resources.


  •  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s page. www.elca.org
  • Some light reading about the guy who started this whole Lutheran thing: Martin Luther


Organizations that meet at Saint David’s:

Sunday – NA Keys to Freedom 7:00 pm (Al Carr 215- 289-1031)

Monday – NA To Live Again 8:00 pm (Jordy London – 215-260-4185)

Tuesday – AIM (Angel in Motion) meets the 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month 7:00PM 

(Carol Rostucher 215-501-3357)


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