Transition Event

More Transition News to Come…stay tuned…

Heritage Event – Fall 2016

Saint David’s bid congratulations and farewell to Pastor Hilgendorf our Pastor for the last 24 years. We have entered the Transition period with an interim Pastor, Katherine Cartwright-Knodel, who will help us to move forward and prepare to call our next Pastor. Transition sounds very “temporary” but we have found it to be an exciting time in the life of our congregation. As a member of the Transition Team, our job is to help Pastor Knodel to guide us. We are in the Phase of Transition where we are very busy gathering information about our congregation, our resources, interests, passions about ministries so that we can submit our MSP to the Synod, and they will hopefully send us candidates that have similar interests and will look forward to working in partnership with our congregation.

Our first Transition Event was in October, and was all about our “past,” – how we traveled through the last 65 years to get to where we are today. Having had only 3 settled pastors in the last 65 years is a bit unusual. The event included group questions and physical movement to the Pastor’s photo that lent itself to each individual’s answer. For example, if you were baptized at St. David’s, which Pastor baptized you? – move to that photo. There was also testimonial from congregants who answered the question, “If you could take one experience with you or tell someone one experience that you had at St. David’s, what would it be?” The answers ranged from the first time the person stepped into the church, to an experience during confirmation class. Very emotional to hysterically funny – here are some of the photos from the event:

The “Present” – Winter 2017

The second transition event was spirited and involved having a 65th birthday party, including all of the traditional birthday items, such as party hats, balloons, favors, hot dogs, chips, and a 3 tiered birthday cake, complete with candles. The congregation lovingly gave Wish List items to St. David’s to celebrate the big year. Beautiful gift wrap, cards and notes were given with such a heartwarming spirit, it just let’s us all know how much St. David’s Church means to so many people. After the gifts were opened, Wish Tags were given to each attendee, and he or she filled out the tag with a one-word wish for St. David’s Church. What a meaningful and beautiful afternoon. We are so blessed!

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